Daily Specials


Pera al Forno

½ pear filled with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts; baked and drizzled with a touch of honey   $7.00

Insalata Nizzarda

Chopped romaine cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, hardboiled egg tuna in a red wine vinaigrette   $10.00

Torta di Pasqualina

A traditional puff pastry Italian Easter pie made with spinach, eggs, ricotta, and pecorino and parmesan cheese.    $9.00

Zuppa di Asparagi e Piselli

Pureed asparagus and sweet pea soup made with butter, leeks, in a vegetable stock topped with Parmigiano   $7.00


Primi Piatti


Risotto ai crema di Scampi

Carnaroli rice sautéed with shallots, shrimp, white wine, carrots, butter, cream, fresh tomato puree topped by fresh langoustines  $22.00


Paccheri all crema di burrata, pistacchi e speck

Square shaped pasta sautéed with a garlic, shallots, pistachios, burrata and Speck (smoked prosciutto) cream sauce topped with Parmigiano cheese.  $18.00


Secondi Piatti

Rana Pescatrice Saltimbocca

Monk fish layered with sage a prosciutto and sautéed in a white wine sauce.  $22.00



Crostatina di Frutta

Homemade fruit tart made with vanila pastry cream and fresh fruit  $9.00

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